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Quinn XCII Sold Out Show @ The Fillmore Silver Spring 3/1/19

Quinn XCII at The Fillmore

Quinn XCII (pronounced ‘Quinn 92’); though still a relatively younger artist, has managed to grow an incredibly diverse and large fan base. However; I’m not surprised for the fact he effortlessly mixes music of all genres including hip-hop, pop, reggae, rock, electronic, and soul. I remember the first song I ever heard from Quinn; “Another Day In Paradise” which immediately had me hooked and listening to his whole Discography. Which at the time only consisted of his “Change of Scenery” EP and a few singles; but what I heard had me anxiously waiting for more Quinn!

Quinn XCII From Michigan With Love

With his brand new album “From Michigan with Love” dropping just last month on February 15, 2019; Quinn is bringing his new music to the fans with a worldwide tour titled “From Tour With Love”. I was excited to catch his sold out show at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Maryland on 3/1; and as I walked into the venue 45 minutes before the first act even took stage; I could tell from the energy already that this was going to be an amazing show.

Christian French

The first act; Christian French, took stage and quickly had the crowd jumping up and down to his Electronic-Pop sound. He was a fitting opener; as his sound complimented what was to come very well. Next to hit the stage was Ashe. Her and her energetic drummer were a lot of fun. If her second song “Sometimes People Suck” didn't instantly have the crowd connecting with her; her third song; a cover of Kid Cud’s “Pursuit of Happiness”; definitely had the whole crowd singing along and tuned in. Her voice and stage presence had you captivated for her full set and she was able to keep that energy until it was time for Quinn.


As his drummer and keyboardist began playing and the crowd anxiously awaited for Quinn to emerge, a roar erupted as he ran on stage and began singing one of his new songs “Sad Still”. Everything from his singing to his stage presence to the stage production was on point. As he seamlessly transitioned from his slower songs to his more up beat songs, the crowd was mesmerized and singing along with every lyric. Whether it was a song from his new album or an older hit; Quinn made every song sound as if he was recording it again right then and there. You can tell he leaves all his energy on the stage by the way he runs all over; smiling with his band mates, and engaging with the audience. No matter what genre of music you are into; Quinn’s performance is something any live music fan is going to enjoy.

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