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Little Heavies from Crofton, MD!

We had the opportunity to film the Little Heavies at Molloy's Irish Pub. They are no doubt a high energy rock and roll band. Mixing in originals with live jam sessions they were a lot of fun to dance too! You will definitely want to catch these guys live at one of their upcoming shows!

They will be playing with Luna June at the 8x10 on September 30th. Check out the event page here: Luna June & Little Heavies at the 8x10 Sept 30th

The Band members are:

Ben Painter-Rhythm Guitar & Vocals Joe Walsh- Lead Guitar Ryan Yeager_Drums and Percussion Josh Tomaszewski- Bass Guitar

Check out their songs "One More Time", "70 Grand", and "Growing Plants" we filmed for them live at Molloy's Irish Pub below!


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