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The Tour of Alexander Henry: Higher Education Band

Higher Education's; Tour of Alexander Henry kicked off today! The band will be traveling down south promoting the release of their third album "The Ballad of Alexander Henry" which is now available on iTunes for pre-order!

When the band returns from tour they will be having their Album Release Party on September 29th presented by One Koast at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. Featuring: Never Ending Fall (NEF), Rhett Repko, Joint Operation, Ryan Shiner, The Vibesmen, Stratus Fear, and Cody Woolsoncroft.

Head over to the event page to grab your ticket before it sells out!

Pre-order the album here:…/the-ballad-of-alexa…/id1273324370

Check out the story behind the album's name which pays tribute to the band's two brothers; Petey & Danny Devaney's Great Great Grandfather; Alexander Henry.

"When I was a young girl in the 1960's, my grandmother Florence Nightengale Henry Moore would tell this story about her father, Alexander Henry.

In November 1855, my great-grandfather immigrated from Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland on the ship The Franklin King from Liverpool, England to a southern port in America. He was 19 years old. On board the ship African people were being transported across the Atlantic ocean to be sold into slavery. My great- grandfather was horrified and sickened by the treatment of these human beings. Once in the port he spoke out openly against their mistreatment.

One morning while looking through the local newspaper, he read that he Alexander Henry had been hung in the town square as a slave sympathizer. "They must have got the wrong man" (Gasoline).

Shortly after reading his name in the newspaper my great-grandfather headed west became a farmer got married and fathered 12 children. He died in 1928 in Tacoma, Washington"

- Marion More Devaney "Mom" 2017

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