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Luna June from Baltimore, MD

We recently filmed a local band Luna June live at Baltimore Soundstage. Luna June's unique sound really got the crowd moving. Its hard to pin point a genre for this band but they create a sound of their own with a rock feel that makes you dance. We have 2 full songs from the concert up on our youtube channel! Check them out below!

Luna June "Dopamine" Live @ Soundstage:

Luna June "Golf Cart Robbery" Live at Baltimore Soundstage:

You will definitely want to check out their upcoming shows:

August 25 @ The Maryland State Fair

Sept 15 @ The Rec Room, Towson

The band is made up of :

Tyler Hayes - Vocals/Guitar

Jordan Davis - Vocals/Bass Korey Evans - Vocals/ Guitar Dominic Richardson - Synth/Keyboard Josh Mosholder - Drums

#music #baltimore #lunajune #soundstage #maryland

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